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27 Dec 2017

Artificial Flowers – A Great Way to Decorate Your Premises

Artificial flowers and plants produced these days are breathtakingly beautiful and realistic. They have so much resemblance with natural flowers that one stares in awe and feels them identify with real flowers. Faux flowers and fake plants are an inexpensive yet creative way to brighten up any space.

They serve as a bright and refreshing addition to any room without demanding water, sunlight, fertilizer or other maintenance. They include a wide variety ranging from silk flowers, faux flowers, fake flower arrangements and artificial outdoor plants. Some artificial flowers are intricately detailed that they have holes in the leaves for insect bites, roses, and silk flower arrangements are adorned with thorns, artificial flowers are textures strategically to add the impression of pollen grains and some artificial flowers are even fragrant.

  • History and Background of Artificial Flowers

The very first use and manufacturing of artificial flowers are reported by the ancient Egyptians. They used dyed metals and animal horns to make faux plants. The ancient Romans used wax to imitate real flowers to glamorize crowns of victors along with leaves of gold and silver. The Chinese and Japanese also mastered the art of making artificial flowers specializing in techniques that involved folding ribbons and using crinkled paper and wires to give them structure. In the modern era, a variety of materials are used to make artificial flowers. There are various types of faux flowers depending on the matter they are made of. Some commonly used substances include polymers, fabrics, foam, plastics, silk, and wax.

  • Types and Kinds of Artificial Flowers

There are six major types of faux flowers based on the material they are made of:

  1. Fabric-Based Flowers: These flowers are also called ‘Silk Flowers’ but they are not made of real silk. They are formed using fabrics and have a droopy finish much like real flowers and may also be arranged in bunches and flower pots to imitate silk plants. Another advantage of these flowers is that no two flowers are exactly the same hence when arranged in a bouquet they imitate real flowers.
  1. Foam-based Flowers: These flowers are made of foam. They are manufactured by gluing thin petals of foam around a polyester center. Their biggest advantage is that they are in the category of cheap artificial flowers and are quite flexible and elastic. Therefore they can be easily bent to be adjusted to the preferred position.
  1. Wax-coated Flowers: Wax-coated flowers are just regular fabric flowers that are coated in wax to give them a shiny finish. It gives them a glossy finish and a realistic texture which is soft as skin to the touch. They look quite authentic due to sophisticated details of veins and patterns on the petals.
  1. Latex Flowers: These are made of pure latex. They are similar in texture to the wax-coated flowers. The latex flowers are really easy to clean and are rigid as compared to wax-coated flowers. They retain their shape and structure and are very durable.
  1. Polymer Flowers: These flowers are composed of a mixture of foam and latex. They are the most appealing kind of faux flowers and therefore are the most expensive. They are pretty delicate and need to be handled with care. These, however, do tend to lose color over a period of time due to oxidation.
  1. Preserved Flowers: These are indeed real flowers that are soaked in a glycerin compound until they absorb the solvent. The result is a delicate flower which is perfectly preserved but is extremely brittle.
  • Advantages of Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are a great means for decorations as they do not require any special upkeep. You do not have to worry about watering them, exposing them to sunlight, trimming the branches or rearranging the petals. They will always look as good as the day you bought them. They are not only inexpensive but also defy the seasons. You can beautify your place with daisies, lilies, orchids, and roses irrespective of whether it is the winter season or not. Another leverage of using artificial flowers instead of real ones is that they are a lot more cost-effective. They are long lasting and do not wilt or die.

Another proof artificial flowers being inexpensive is that the décor can easily be swapped every now and then. The use of artificial flowers is also an amazing substitution for hypo allergic people. They can be placed anywhere one wishes without worrying about any pollen allergy or the risk of tickling a nose sensitive to the aroma of flowers. Artificial flowers are really easy to transport and store. Whether you are moving to a new place or you want to put them away till the next season, you only need to put them in a box or a container and they will be good as new whenever you take them out again. Besides these perks using artificial flowers instead of real ones in decorations and ornaments is a great idea. The decorations made from faux flowers are long-lasting and less messy. Even when they are used as hair accessories and garlands they remain fresh and leave no stains on clothes and fabrics.

  • Maintenance

Artificial flowers do not require any special maintenance. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they stay bright and vibrant. For delicate faux flowers such as silk flowers need the light dusting every fortnight to remove the accumulated dust particles. The can also be shaken in a bag of coarse salt which serves as a mild abrasive and loosens up the dust and debris. Using a mixture of soap and water, diluted vinegar, and water or lemon juice and water to spray on the artificial plants also washes away the dirt making the flowers as good as new.

Artificial flower arrangements are a very intelligent way of brightening up any dull space whether it is a room or a workplace. They are a refreshing addition that changes the aura of any environment in a very inexpensive way. They have various uses and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, the most important point to consider while buying them is to ensure good quality and the right composition depending on the use for which they are intended. Careful use and regular maintenance make them an everlasting investment.

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