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29 Jan 2018

Battle Games are One of the Most Addictive Games

Who wants to squander a chance of enjoying an addictive game? For a depressed computer geek, videos games are the hybrid solution. They can be of different types and are categorized depending upon what a player has to do in the game. One of the best types of games that have reported to be magnetic towards gamers’ attention is 2 player fighting games. Since the beginning of computer gaming, player fighting games dominated the industry. Game players are reported to be elated by the release of such fighting games in which they get different incongruous and versatile sets of moves and whole new way of their implementation.

By the time, these games have become an unbridled trend in the gaming world. As the android, iOS and online games started getting viral, two-player fighting games successfully made their place in the top rankings. They are most popular for a plethora of possibilities with a limited controller. Certain moves can be combined to enlarge the combo and eat up more of the opponent’s power. These games tend to bring excitement, joy, tactical thinking, timing and sharp observatory skills to the player. As the rounds start drawing and game marches towards the final round, the game starts becoming more intense.

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Types of double player fighting games

These games are subcategorized in different types which come from different fighting ideas. These ideas come from movies, TV shows or some old Chinese fighting style:

  • Wrestling games:

Ten sports’ WWE has been a major influence on 2 player fighting games and thus you can find plenty of games graphed, according to the show and the characters. You can choose your favorite wrestler and choose the favorite wrestling event. There are controls for the moves of the player and different rules according to the chosen event; for instance, if you’ve chosen the royal rumble match, you’ve to throw wrestlers out of the ring until you’re the only one left.

  • Ninjutsu games:

Covering up the double player fighting games hold the most part. Ninjas fighting games are famous and don’t really need an introduction. Yet, to fulfill the formality, ninjas are especially skilled warriors who were covert or mercenary agents in feudal Japan. They were also called shinobi in Japan and were assassins. Their functions were infiltration, sabotage, and espionage.

The industry of movies and gaming has always been impressed by ninjas and that’s why they made a lot of content for them. Ninja battles are highly fantasized and elating. They have ancient Japanese weapons and some serious skills which makes the gameplay more interesting. As you start leveling up, new weapons and skills get unlocked which maintains the addiction to the player. There are a lot of ninja fighting games and the most popular one on computer and console platforms are Tekken and mortal combat. These games are also available to play online or on your smartphone.

  • Stickman fighters:

On September 1, 2008, Julia Donaldson published her idea of the stickman. Her play “stick man” in which anthropomorphic man of the wooden stick gets uncoupled from his family and eventually reunites them after an adventure. This novel was illustrated by a German illustrator Alex Scheffler and became world popular among the children. So, this was the origin of this idea. Later, a YouTube animator turned this idea into an animated clip in which stickmen fight with each other. This gave the game developers the idea of stickman fighting games.

They started making games on stickman which earned popularity in the gaming world in no time. There are a lot of two-player fighting games based on this idea that is available in play store or online. These games are famous for the simplicity and the versatility. There are no high-end graphics and no cutting-edge technology requirements to run the game. Pretty much every computer or mobile phone is able to run these games with ease. Children, for the most part, enjoy stickman fighting games as the sticks are rather a fun thing because why not?

  • Other games:

Other than these specific games, there are other ones with different ideas and concepts. King of fighters is based on the idea of people with so much fighting skills that they have some kind of aura and energy beams. While another of most popular 2 player fighting games is injustice 2 which is based on the superheroes from Marvel and DC. You can find countless most addictive versus battle games on every gaming platform.

Why are these games viral?

2 player fighting games are a trend these days and there is a huge big reason behind it; these games are challenging. Yes, every game is challenging in its own way but in these games, you get to prove your combination skills in front either your siblings or a random player from another corner of the world. These games can be connected to the internet if you want to play online with random players from around the world. Online 2 player fighting games allow you to play with other players and test your skills. Rather than playing with players online, these games can also be played in offline mode and with the computer.

Some of them are designed just to play according to the story and you’ve to defeat random bosses to level up and unlock new stages. Such games are programmed according to the difficulty level as well as the weapons. Different weapons can be used for extra damage and the skill of combos is also required. In these games there is no online or offline challenge mode, you just play on the computer and complete the story.

Yet there are other games in which story and challenge both modes are available yet you don’t get any upgrade with the leveling up. Only the gaming strategy and combos matters. Tekken is most famous in such type of games. In this game, you have a lot of modes to play; story mode, arcade mode, offline challenge, online mode and the practice mode.

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