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31 Oct 2017

Beat the Track with BMX Bikes, A Brief Introduction

The word BMX stands for bicycle motocross or bike motocross. BMX bikes are a type of sports bikes which is mostly used for the purpose of racing or freestyle riding. Specially designed tracks are used for the rider to race or to perform stunts in several competitions.

The history of BMX Bikes goes back to the era of 70’s when it was considered to be a bicycle for young children to help them learn bike riding and racing. It was indeed started from learning and then turned into an official racing sport. The first of the racing events were held in California using dirt track. Later on, several events were organized. Now the BMX freestyle racing a well as street racing is one of the most awaited event competitions in renowned sports event like Olympics.

The Structure of BMX Bikes:

Although different types of BMX bikes have different structures, the main theme revolves around the same basics as it has to face strains and shocks.

DMX frame usually made up of steel but aluminium is also used widely for racing BMX bikes. Chromoly steel is also used for making BMX frames.

BMX wheels have different numbers of spokes ranging from 18 to 18 for kids BMX bikes to 38 for racing BMX bike. Similarly the sized of wheels also vary.

Gearing uses cassette hubs or freewheel hub with different gear ratio according to the model.

Handlebars include longer cranks, upright bars, and small saddle bars.

Brakes may or may not be present. Usually, rear brakes are present on handlebars.

Seats are made up of softer material to avoid any trauma to the rider.

Other parts include paddles, rollers, chains which are made frictionless and smooth to make the BMX bike smoother than other bikes or bicycles.

Different Types of BMX Bikes:

BMX bikes have been modified into different types depending upon the requirements of the individual using it. Like BMX bikes from kids are different from BMX bikes for professionals. Earliest it was considered that BMX racing can be freestyle or racing sport. The freestyle BMX bikes were associated with the performance of stunts and tricks performed by riders. Later on more types were formed.

The two basic types are freestyle BMX bikes and racing types. Some of the major types of BMX bikes on sale usually in markets are given below:

Dirt Bike: It is a specially designed type of BMX bikes in which extra weight or load has been removed. Excessive structures have been separated from the bike and the weight of this BMX bike has been balanced in an excellent way to help the rider. Another unique feature of the dirt bike is the presence of thick tires to provide a frictional grip on loose surfaces.

Park BMX Bikes: the main theme of the design of park BMX bike is to reduce the extra weight from the bike. This removal makes the bike prefer riding in the parks. t is also called Vert. Although brakes are not installed in these BMX bikes but can be installed.

Race BMX Bikes: The most famous type of BMX bikes in racing type used in racing events. These are different from other models as these have brakes and front sprocket is large. These are usually lighter in weight to have more speed with knobby tires and only rear brakes.

Flatland: it is specially designed for flat surfaces and is used for performing different stunts and tricks. The geometrical design of the bike I such that it provides balance to the bike and rider while performing stunts or racing.

BMX Freestyle Bikes: These are heavy in weight, large and size and stronger in built to help the rider to perform stunts.

Street BMX Bikes: Such models of BMX bike are usually heavier and stronger than the other models. As it is used in street racing and has to encounter hard rocky surface, the design of the bike is like a pro BMX bike with metal pegs and extra train bomber. Such bikes have no brakes often that I beneficial for the rider to pin and grind on rails. The rider uses his foot to slow down the bike.

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Best BMX Bikes:

BMX bike racing is still popular. Not only young kids but also adults and middle-aged people participate in this sport. The best BMX bikes require not only the best structure but also the best track and rider. Here are few of the BMX bikes, considered to be the best of all times.

MafiaBikes Kush 1

Mongoose Logo

Diamondback Bicycles youth Nitrus

Cult control

Fir Mac 2

Royal baby BMX freestyle

Sunday Bikes Aaron Ross Forecaster

X Games FS20 Freestyles bicycle

Sunday Broadcaster Freecoaster

Fit Benny 3

United Martinez Expert FC

Flybikes Omega

Although, it is not an easy task to buy the best BMX bike you should have some know how before going to the market. The best brands for BMX bikes include WeThePeople, Fit, Sunday, Haro, Cult, Odyssey, Kink, GT, United, and Stolen. They provide BMX bikes for different categories including boys BMX bikes, girls BMX bikes, pro BMX bikes, and much more.

GT BMX Bikes:

GT bicycles have been working to provide cool BMX bikes since the beginning of 70’s. They have modified the BMX bikes to an exceptional form in every category with their new technology, designs, frames, and structures. The GT BMX bikes for sale include all the varieties one can wish for.

Kids BMX bikes have an extensive range of cool BMX bikes for kids. If your child has passed the age of kids, you can look for their boy BMX categories. Similarly, cool BMX bikes for women and girls BMX bike, you can find an extensive range of all the types of tracks and pavements encountered. besides their best dirt bikes for sale, you can also ask for custom BMX bikes.

BMX Bikes for Sale:

If you are searching for the best pro BMX bikes, Techmag.us can help you in this regard providing you with the latest updates in technology.

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