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18 Sep 2017

Easy Steps of Blog Posting and Blog Post Ideas

We all know that what is blog posting and why is it written. For those who don’t know about the blogs and also they want to know about the blog post ideas. the blog is a discussion published on any website to deliver information.

Basic Steps:

  • Plan it by choosing an interesting topic
  • Create an outline and do some research
  • Make a headline to attract the reader
  • Write your post, either in single session or double or multiple
  • Make it look appealing by adding pictures, quotes, humour etc.
  • Read it thoroughly and edit it, if possible, make someone else read it to approve.

Types of Blogs:

  • Personal blogs represent the thoughts, ideas and comments of an individual. No rules are required as you do most represent an organization
  • Business blogs include writing about your business to attract more customers and get their feedback.
  • Professional blogs are those in which you focus on earning money by writing on different revenues of those who pay you.
  • Niche blog targets much more specific topics. You can strictly write about the niche ideas you like.
  • Affiliate blog is concerned with the generation of business and marketing commission after reviewing posts on such products and generate reviews.
  • Media blog has many subtypes depending upon what you post like videos, links, pictures etc.
  • The reverse blog is a modern type of blogging where the public is the author of the blog. A team, however, manages the posts and interaction.
  • A collaborative blog is also known as a group blog, is written by more than one author who has usually established bloggers and discuss serious happenings like law, politics, technology etc.
  • Microblogging as the name indicates deals with the posting of mini digital stuff like images, links, posters small videos etc.
  • Freelance blog includes those blogs written as a job to get paid.
  • Organizational blogs represent the thoughts of some organizations that may be business, NGOs or government.

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Blog post ideas:

Now you know different types of writing a blog, you might be thinking what should I blog about. There are several blog posts ideas you can go along with any of those. A few of from hundreds of such ideas are mentioned here from which you can get interesting things to write about.

  • A list blog post is always appealing where you can mention top ten, must do, things to do, movies, songs, videos or anything like this.
  • Lifestyle blog attracts a larger number of net surfers in which you can write about any daily stuff affecting lifestyle.
  • Pros and cons posts
  • Tutorials of doing something
  • Questioning session or quiz
  • Reviews about something latest
  • Comparison of any two things
  • A makeover like hair-do
  • A guide to anything type post
  • Personal experience about something like visiting a restaurant
  • Post some interesting pictures
  • Vlogs
  • An interview
  • Food recipes
  • Travelling experience
  • Short stories
  • Best and worst things about something
  • Polling posts
  • Inspirational blog post ideas are always welcomed

If you have any more ideas about the blog and want to share with us then please contact us.

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