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10 Nov 2017

Cooking Games, Fun Games You Need to Play

Games are always fun to play. There is indeed a million types of cooking games played by nearly everyone. However, the type of game you play depends on your interest. 

Where boys show more interest towards sports games, fighting games, racing games, army games etc., and girls are inclined towards the games involving beauty, cooking games, baking, and household management etc.

Cooking games are one of the all-time favorite games that never get old. With the advancement in technology, the world of cooking games also evolved. A numb3r of improvements can be seen if you compare the early cooking games with the new cooking games in terms of features, graphics, tools, difficulty levels, creativity, imagination and much more. The main idea of cooking games revolves around the player being chef cooking food, or running a restaurant, or doing a job of the waiter or managing a restaurant with customers.

Top cooking games:

  1. Bistro Cook:

Indeed this is one of the all-time favorite games. After bistro cook, its sequel bistro cook 2 has also been launched recently that includes new attractive features. The difficulty level increases with the as you pass stages making the game more interesting.

  1. Resturant Story 2:

It is a sequel to restaurant story with certain improvements. One of the best games for android, restaurant story 2 involves the complete management of restaurant from arranging ingredient to cook and serve.

  1. Stand o Food Series:

It is the most popular cooking games. In this game, the player runs a restaurant and deals with the customers. The game has around 70 levels and a number of recipes which are super challenging to remember.

  1. Cooking Mama:

One of the simplest yet favorite cooking games in which mama cooks for papa to make him happy. That is the Regular cooking game for mama, is not it?.

  1. Gordon Ramsay Dash:

Are you a fan of Master Chef? If yes then this is the game for you. Ramsay Gordon is the judge in the game where you have to compete with other players to beat them by cooking the best dish.

  1. Cake Now:

If you are interested in baking, Cake now one of the best choices for you. You have to prove yourself to be the best baker and make the perfect cakes for your customer. The game is not the only fun game but also helps you learn to make better cakes.

  1. Burger: 

Burger is one of the cooking game in which burger is served by the player. It is one of the top cooking games that offer the unique challenge of making and resenting the perfect burger.

  1. Toca K8tchen 2:

It is one of the top-rated cooking games for Android in which you can cook a wide range of dishes in freestyle with the available ingredients and kitchen tools.

  1. Diner Dash:

Diner Dash is one of the cooking games of a young girl in which she struggles hard to uplift her restaurant to a five-star restaurant. She does not only cook and serve but also washes dishes. As it involves a number of complicated duties, it is one of the most lived cooking games for boys as well.

  1. Cooking fever:

One of the best cooking games for boys and girls, cooking fever involves the management of a restaurant in a proper way to make your customers satisfied and earn the high rating.

cooking games

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Best Cooking Games for Girls:

According to the traditional school of thought, girls are always at short of games. But there are a number of games for girls out of which cooking games are one. Not only for girls but there are cooking games for mama and mine other online cooking games for Barbie lovers that you can play not only on computers but also on your android phone.Some of the cooking games for girls are:

  • Cooking mama
  • Papa’s bakery
  • Sky burger
  • Sara’s cooking class
  • Devilish cooking
  • Masha cooking big burger
  • Emmas cooking recipies5
  • Cooking Academy
  • Ice cream now
  • Pizza makers
  • Cupcakes
  • Fast food kitchen
  • Bistro book series

There are a number of online cooking games and many other fun cooking games that you can play on your personal computer as well as iOS or Android. Cooking games for boys are also available in which there are players managing the whole restaurant, doing a job of serving customers and much more.

Barbie Cooking Games:

These are the cooking games that range from cooking games for kids to cooking games for adults depending upon the difficulty level. You are not the only player, there is Barbie to help you with cooking and management.

Many cool cooking games are also present in the online free cooking games where you cannot only play to have a good time but also can learn. There are a number of recipes provided by cooking games. You can cook the variety of dishes, create your own dishes with a number of ingredients, bake a wide range of cakes, pizzas, cookies, pasta, make the desert of your choice, can make burgers, sushi, your countryside dishes and much more.

New Cooking Games:

For the year 2018, many new cooking games have been launched. You can easily download the cooking games for Android on your phone and enjoy the cool cooking games. All you have to do is to download your favorite cooking game from play store or app store and can play it anytime you want to. The colorful, attractive, full of ingredients and creative cooking games are waiting for you.

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