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01 Nov 2017

Your Racing Partner, The Dirt Bikes

Motorcycles are of different types and are classified on the basis of their usage by the rider and other specificities. Off-road types of motorbikes mean that these are designed to here are some off-road types of motorbikes which are used mainly for racing purposes and dirt bike is one of these. As the name given, it is used to be driven on dirt neither rough roads. The race using dirt bike has a track full of rocks and uneven surfaces. Dirt bikes are categorized into supermoto motorcycles. It is distinct from motorcycles in not only its structure but also function.

Structure of Dirt Bikes:

The main feature of the dirt bike or off road bike is that it is simpler in design and lighter in weight. The structure of dirt bike is made lightweight by keeping the fuel tank smaller. It also helps in keeping the design compact do that higher jumping can be done by racers. Also, such design allows for a longer suspension time with less bodywork. No fairings are present in the dirt bikes so that they suffer lesser damage. Wheels are clamped to the rim with the help of rim lock and also possess knobby tires. Engines used in dirt bike can be 2 strokes or 4 stroke unit single cylinder which is air cooled. These are highly reliable and require little maintenance. The power of engine varies from 50cc dirt bikes to 650 cc dirt bikes.

There is a wide range of engine units including:

  • 250c
  • 200 cc
  • 150 cc
  • 125 cc
  • 110cc
  • 100cc
  • 80 cc
  • 50 cc

Dual sports motorcycles are classified forms of dirt bikes which are specialized to work off the road if needed. These can function well on both paved and unpaved roads. Rough pathways include sand tracks, gravel tracks, mud tracks or snow tracks. Such unpaved pathways can be traveled only when you are using dirt bikes.

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Types of dirt bikes:

There are a number of dirt bike types which are used in different types of events like legal street racing. It is difficult to choose when it comes to dirt bikes for kids, youth dirt bikes or dirt bike for sale cheap. You have to possess some knowledge while dealing with the types of dirt bikes for sale and look for the features.

dirt bikes

  • Motorcross Bikes:

Motor cross bikes, also known as scramblers are one of the main types of dirt bikes used in motocross racing. It can be freestyles, supermoto or supercross racing.

Talking about their structures, these are the same lighter with no accessories and flat seats allowing high suspension times and easier shifting of weights by the rider. These are usually without the legal equipment required for on-road travel like speedometer, mirrors, lights or kickstand reducing the weight of the dirt bike further. These are specially designed for closed tracks with different types of obstacles. Four strokes engine is mainly used.

  • Enduro:

This is a unique and modified dirt bike which is road legal. It is used for long tracks that also include roads beside the rough terrain.

Regarding structure, it possesses extras like the horn, number plate, protective hardware, turns signal, increased ratio gearbox, exhausts system, lights and a silencing mechanism as well. there are larger gas tanks fixed in it to make the engine reliable for long times. Usually, 125 cc is used with 2 cylinder stroke and 250 cc is used with four-cylinder stroke. it is used in the endure motocross event that continues for days but not suitable for long-distance road traveling.

  • Trail or Dual Sport:

This type of dirt bike is a dual purpose bike with a structure similar to endures. However, unlike endures it is not used for racing rather it is used for recreational purposes. These are not designed to handle rough terrain and are not high-speed vehicles. It contains dual purpose tires and contains legal off-road features to be driven on road. The engine varies from the 100cc dirt bike, 110cc dirt bike, 150cc dirt bike and 300cc. it is mainly helpful for those who are beginners and want to learn as these are easier to balance. These dirt bikes use the frame made of plastic or chrome that make this one of the cheap dirt bikes.

  • Rallies:

Also called rally raids, these dirt bikes resemble the endures. These are also modified for long distance travel. That is why the engines have larger capacities up to 650cc. Rallies are usually used for racing in deserts and take up to 2 weeks.

  • Trials:

Also known as observed trials, these are typically designed for off-road racing and are lightest in weight. Usually used for taunts by racer, these bikes have longer suspension time and modify equipment for balancing. The engines are those of 125cc dirt bike to 250 cc dirt bikes’. It has a very small fuel tank with no seat or small seat to help in stunt performance.

  • Track Racing:

These dirt bikes are mainly used in racing competitions on specially designed tracks. The engines used are four strokes with methanol used as a fuel. Also, there are no brakes and rear suspension in these dirt bikes.There are many newly modified dirt bikes like electric dirt bikes, youth dirt bikes mini dirt bikes and used dirt bikes which can be easily found in dirt bikes for sale option.

Best Dirt Bikes:

Here is a brief list of best dirt bikes depending upon several features like longevity, reliability, durability etc.

• 2016 KTM 350SX-F


• Yamaha YZ250

• Kawasaki KX450F

• Yamaha Y125

• Yamaha PW50

• KTM 65 SX

Dirt Bikes for Sale:

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