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20 Sep 2017

Easy Steps to Donate Car for Tax Credit

Many people are interested in car donations as it can provide you a good sum of a tax deduction. There are different rules to donate car for tax credit and also it depends upon the condition of your car. You can also use cars for kids as a donation. A good plan is required in this regard to get a maximum tax deduction if you just want to sell your car out because charity can accept any car you want to donate. 

Steps to Donate Car for Tax Credit

There are a few things you need to know before donating a car.

  • First, you have to know about fair market value car. It means that you should have an idea about the market value of your car.
  • You also need to have some information regarding different organizations working in this regard before you donate car to charity. Also, you should have pretty much idea about maximum possible tax deduction if you donate a car.
  • Make sure that you donate your car to a non-profit registered organization that us tax-exempt.
  • Ask details about donated car deals and about the amount of deduction. Some organizations donate it at a low price to people however some can keep it for their own use so you can ask them about it.
  • Do fill the form they provide you carefully. Read all the instructions and fill the sections required.
  • Tax filing and claim deduction is another important thing you should keep in mind. Get the legal receipts for every paperwork you do regarding this and do the maths carefully.
  • Record keeping is another major step and you need to keep the record of all the information while you donate car for tax credit.

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Goodwill Car Donation:

Goodwill auto auction is one of the biggest nonprofit organizations that work privately for needy and disabled people which their mission. It is run by Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley. They provide you an opportunity to donate your car under their Goodwill Vehicle donation program which is then sold by auction. Auction dates are announced off and on for upcoming such events. Goodwill donation values work in an easy and simple way. Your car, SUV or any vehicle with their car donation program. Following steps are required to be read and followed:

  • Contact: If you have made your mind to donate a car for tax credit, you first have to contact Goodwill. They will provide you proper instructions and guidance. Also, you can ask your queries online where you’ll get a satisfactory answer.
  • Prepare Your Vehicle: Vehicle title is required for donation so you should prepare your car title or can ask for an expert opinion in Goodwill for any confusion.
  • Get Your Vehicle Ready: Take a look to both exterior and interior of your car before you donate a car for the tax credit. Remove unnecessary, personal stuff before donation.
  • Free Service: Goodwill provides the service of picking up your car for free.
  • Tax Credit: After the auction has been done, you will receive a letter from Goodwill about its details. All its proofs are kept and follow the tax deduction rule. You can also claim for the full amount of your car sold at auction as donated car for sale.



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