Free Online Computer Classes
21 Sep 2017

High Yield Sources for Free Online Computer Classes

With the advancement in technology, the usage of computer has become necessary in every field of life. This digital revolution has taken the world to a new level in every field. If you are not familiar with the basics of computer programming, you might find yourself lagging behind. But there is no need to worry as there are several free online computer classes at your service. You just have to find time and devotion and you can be a skilled computer programmer sitting at home.

Learn Programming Online for Free:
There are many websites and online universities programs that provide online computer courses. From several different programs, you can choose the one suitable for you. However not all the websites offering these services are to be followed, here are some of the most beneficial and authentic sources that you may require for learning.

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Free Online Course Info:

You can learn about any program you want through videos, tutorials, text form etc. The main advantage is that you can learn it anytime you want without any haste however you won’t get a degree or evidence for it.

Google Developers:

Using videos and texts, Python class of Google helps you to learn a wide range of programming skills. After completing free online programming courses, you are given exercises to know that how much you have learned.


Here you are given computer programming course info. You are provided with a chance to learn from experts sitting online on the website for a very small fee. Besides the basic learning and computer courses for beginners, you can also get Java Programming tutorial and training here for which they have a special course.


Sams publishing has provided their online books with easy approaches and free online computer classes.

They have several programs including Visual C++6 with MFC programming and much more in the form of easy text, pictures, and small video tutorials.


It is another platform to learn to program online. Several courses are available including different programming languages, Java, HTML, CSS and more.

Hobart and William Smith College:

This College has provided an online book named as “Introduction to Programming Using Java” for free. It is same as you are reading a book on programming with several chapters. Also, online quizzes and queries are also provided at the end.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

It offers online training programs in selected fields of programming including:

  • Practical Programming in C
  • Commutated structures
  • Signals and systems
  • Introduction to CS and programming
  • Structure and interpretation of Computer program
  • Other online sources to learn programming include:
  • Coursera
  • National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning
  • PVTuts.com
  • Free Code Camp
  • edX under supervision of MIT and Harvard
  • Udacity
  • Codecadmy
  • Lynda.com
  • Udemy

Things a beginner should know:
As a beginner in free online computer classes, you should know the basic computer skills. It means that you should get familiarized with computer hardware and operating system. Also, you should know how to use a word processor and basics of the internet like typing and searching things on Google, running a video, opening several windows etc.



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