fun party games
25 Sep 2017

Make Your Parties Exciting with Fun Party Games

Games are always fun to play at any party. Either you are a teen or adult, you always want to enjoy parties and spend a good time. Fun party games are always welcomed in such regard.

fun party games

Different Ideas for Party Games:

You can come up with several best party game ideas depending upon the people you have with you. Of course, games will be different if you are having an adult party rather than a party for teenagers.

  1. Twister: One of the party games for adults, requiring a plastic mat with colored rows and spinners attached to it. When the spinner rotates, you have to match the color where it stops.

  2. Truth or Dare: A well-known party game that can be played by adult’s as well as teenagers. A bottle is rotated and the victim at point decides whether he will tell truth or perform a dare.

  3. Musical Chair: If you lose the chair while the music stops, you are eliminated. One of the most popular fun party games so far.

  4. Charades: The one that never gets old, The Charades. It involves acting and guessing as is known by everyone.

  5. Jenga: It being a cool game to play, players have to remove one block from a 54 block tower.

  6. Disease Diagnosis: It is a simple doctor-patient game in which one person acts as a doctor and has to guess who is acting of which diseased role.

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  7. Freeze Dance: This is a fun party game for all. In this you have to dance until you are to FREEZE, and if you fail to freeze you are eliminated.

  8. Things: It is an adult party game in which every writes down about things asked. These are read loudly and anonymously, later on, to guess who wrote what.

  9. Two Truths and a Lie: One of the simple games in which out of 3 statements you have to tell which one is a lie.

  10. Flip Cup: It is one of the teen games that can be played by adults as well. Two teams face one another and the players have to drink beer and flip the cup to place it upside down.

  11. React and Act: It involves a bit of acting and brainstorming, where you have to write something and hide it and the person who finds it reacts to that.

  12. The Laughing Game: Any game cannot be simpler than this in which you have to remain serious without laughing.

  13. Sticker Stalker: In which you have to stick a sticker to another person without him or her noticing

  14. Giants, Wizards, and Elves are one of the fun party games that can include everyone in the party whether adult or kid.

  15. The newlywed game, in which question-answer session is done to check how much the couple, knows each other. It can also be played by making family teams.

  16. Dancing Chain: It is more like fun games for girls in which the nominated person makes a dancing move while the rest have to follow.

  17. Pass the Orange: It is considered to be a difficult game idea involving the passing of orange from one person to another using chin. Usage of hand will make your team lose.

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