Happy New Year – Know about the Celebrations of New Year 2018

happy new year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

In life, sometimes to express yourself and show your feelings to others is quite difficult. For such situations, you can take the benefit of certain occasions to show others how much they mean to you. This is important to tell your loved ones before it is too late. Occasions and celebrations besides entertainment can also help you in this regard. Birthdays, wishes, New Year greetings.

1 Jan, 2018

The Significance of New Year:

happy new year 2018The main reason for New Year celebration is to get a new start with new fervor and looking forward to new possibilities with positivity. It is considered to be a time of rebirth of an individual when he or she can put behind the negativities of the past year and welcome the positivity of the upcoming year. Starting fresh with New Year celebration brings hope and light to one’s life. New resolutions are made to be followed on this day of the New Year as it brings great opportunity and faith.

The First New Year:

The celebration of New Year dates back to 45 B.C. when it was first celebrated on 1st January. After this, the changes in the calendar were made according to the Gregorian calendar which is followed now.

The beginning of a new year brings an opportunity to make new goals and devise ways to achieve it. New challenges and achievements are sought and resolutions are made.

The New Year Celebrations:

Unlike Gregorian calendar, other calendars have other dates for new year celebration, however, whatever the date may be, new year celebrations are quite similar. However, in most of the countries, the Gregorian calendar is followed and it is a public holiday. These may be the religious celebration, national celebrations, and regional celebration besides others. A brief review of New Year celebration is here to read.


The New Year’s Eve:

Often the welcome of New Year is started with the fireworks display at midnight according to the time zone of the country.

The preparations for this celebration are started many days prior to the eve on midnight of 31st December to cherish the arrival of New Year.

Also, there is a religious feast on New Year’s Eve and late-night church services and prayers are observed to welcome the new year in a traditional and religious way. The regional celebrations of New Year vary from country to country.

The New Year Day Celebrations:

happy new year 2018These celebrations include worldwide celebrations held on 1st of January. The main events are:

  • Official parades by military
  • Sports and games: traditional football matches are held on 1st of January as a celebration especially America and England. Ice hockey matches are also arranged as a tradition of the New Year in the United States.
  • Annual dips in ice-cold water and horse racing are also among the most awaited events on New Year’s Day.
  • Besides all this, concerts are held, traditional meals and feasts are arranged to enjoy more family time.
  • Church services are observed and charity is given as a good omen on New Year’s Day.


Happy New Year Wishes:

New Year wishes are one of the precious ways to send lovely messages and words to your friends, family, and other acquaintances. even happy new year GIFs, new year pics, happy new year messages These can range from formal to casual depending upon whom you are sending these to. Like for colleagues, formal New Year greetings and wishes are available, and for close people, intimate messages are available to be sent. You can also upload New Year status which is a modern way of wishing New Year today.

The wishes can be:

  • Funny wishes, New Year quotes funny
  • Religious wishes
  • Romantic wishes
  • Inspirational wishes
  • Business wishes
  • New Year Quotations

People always want to get and give the best wishes on this eve. Here are some of the top wishes, to wish happy New Year 2018 to your loved ones in perfect compiled form.

May this year takes you many steps closer to the attainment of your dreams that all may become true.

I just want to express how much joy you have given me and I wish for your joy and prosperity. Have a blessed new year.

Each year teaches you good lessons, so start the New Year with the spirit that you have learned the past lessons

Do not fret if the previous year has let you down, the New Year signifies a new beginning. Keep your hopes high and accomplish whatever you want.

Happy New Year wishes to someone who brings sunshine to our lives always.

As the year 2017 is ending, I wish all the negativities in your life end with it, happy New Year 2018

May the magic of this Christmas brings light to your new year and takes away all the darkness.

Nights are dark but days are light, may your life always be bright, happy New Year.

May the happiness and peace find their way to your life and be always with you.

Here is to my good friends, you are the light and joy of my life, promise to stick to me in the times of sunshine and darkness as you always have. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Gone is the old and it is the new, I wish happy New Year to you.

May you be blessed enough to spend this beautiful year with your parents, loved ones, and friends.

In the nights full of stars, hope your all dreams come true, may every star present in the sky, and brings love and peace to you, happy New Year

A promising and cherishing year is waiting for you, behold the year with mirth and grace.

Gifts You can Give on New Year:

happy new year 2018Exchange of gifts is always considered as an act of love. The new year is one of the occasions when you can give presents to your loved one, parents, family, friends and other acquaintances to show how much they mean to you. Giving a gift to the closed ones may take them by surprise and make them joyous more them ever. It is not the money you spent on the gift, but the intention that fancies your loved one. Some ideas for Happy new year gifts are:

  • Flowers, the best present of all times
  • Happy New Year dresses like sweaters, jackets, hats, shirt, tie etc.
  • It may be their favorite book or Bible the holiest of all.
  • Eatables like happy new year cakes, chocolates, fruit baskets, alcohol, wine
  • Visits to the places they love, like taking them to a concert, museum, to watch snow sport, ice hockey, horse racing, and their favorite restaurant.
  • Happy New Year greeting card with wishes and promises to the loved ones.
  • Gift vouchers
  • Jewellery like New Year ring
  • Decoration for New Year tree
  • Toys, in case of children you can bring them their favorite movie CD, candy etc.
  • Gadgets, the ones they want or like. It can be a watch, android phone, and tablet, laptop, Xbox, Play station even a hands-free
  • Personal care products like perfumes
  • Music albums and happy new year song dedication
  • Candles
  • Board games
  • Happy new year pics and new year photos
  • Even Christmas pie can work as a gift.
  • For your spouse, you can take her or him by surprise by cooking their favorite meal, taking care of kids, doing the households; arrange a romantic night for them, taking them for an outing and much more.

You can bring anything needed by another person, so New Year is the best chance to give it to them to show how much you care for them.

Best New Year Celebration in Different Countries:

happy new year 2018Without any doubt, New Year is the most special time being the main leading event every year. It is celebrated with great festivity and arrangements throughout the world. Several countries arrange mega-events to celebrate and welcome the New Year. The new-year party celebration is different in different countries according to their traditions and custom. The best places to spend your New Year time includes:

New York: it is one of the best cities to spend New Year. The New Year celebrations in New York include people gathering on beaches and running on the water beside the other celebrations. This is called polar bear plunges and help in raising charity as well. Besides, there is a time square box in New York City which is lowered on the midnight to reach the bottom of the tower. The arrival of New Year is celebrated with songs, fireworks and live concerts. The pyrotechnic light show is one of the most awaited events. It is a tradition to spend time with family and toast is made. New Year’s resolution is made.

Scotland: The celebrations of New Year in Scotland are unique in terms that there is a street party on New Year’s Eve. It is also given a specific name, the Scotties celebration Hogmanay meaning the celebration of last day of the year. There is a unique street party in Happy new year Edinburgh celebration which starts in prince street on Edinburgh. There is a fabulous New Year firework display followed by a nonstop party till the end. On the New Year’s Day, there is a Royal Mile run arranged, water diving in the River Forth, dog sledding competition, the loony dook parade, live concerts, New year on the hill, and much more.

Dubai: Indeed the celebration New Year Dubai has taken everyone by surprise and people from all over the world visit the place to watch the arrangement and festivities of New year in Dubai in the true sense. There are fireworks, live concerts, extravagant parties, best dining view and much more. Fireworks are centered on its most luxurious building Burj Khalifa that compete even Sydney in its display. Parties are arranged in Downtown Dubai and the whole city displays the bet lightning views. The NYE 2017 was indeed a breathtaking fireworks display and people are expecting more on New Year’s Eve 2018.

happy new year 2018Thailand: it is ranked as the 7th best place for New Year in Thailand. There are club parties arranged on midnight, of which Bangkok Downtown is the biggest part. Other parties include, full moon party arranged in outdoor, street party at Khao San Road and many concerts. The lanterns and light events arranged at Chiang Mai are attractive for the residents as well as outsiders.

Japan: Three public holidays are given to the Japanese citizens for New Year in Japan. Its New Year celebration is called Shogatsu and granted for the eve and day respectively. At Eiffel tower, the spectacular light show is one of the most awaited events along with the fireworks. Tradition includes charity donation, work shutdown, boat cruises arrangements for romantic celebrations are also available.

Paris: it is among the best places to celebrate the New Year. It has its own unique traditions regarding New Year in Paris. It is a custom to not the direction of wind blowing to predict what the New Year day in Paris will bring. Toast is made and fireworks are thrown

Sydney: The New Year celebration of Sydney’s among the most famous celebrations owing to its fireworks ceremonies, light shows, aerial flyovers and much more. A happy New Year dance party is held at Bondi Beach and a special boat parade is arranged.


Amsterdam: the celebrations of New Year in Amsterdam are among the most famous celebrations. Outdoors celebrations are arranged, club nights, dance parties, the feats on oliebollen and the New Year’s dip in the day are among its New Year celebrations.

London: In London other European countries, fireworks are held. New Year in London is arranged in a breathtaking way. People gather around river Thames embankment and fireworks sightseeing is done at midnight with millions of visitors. Everyone waits for the Big Ben to strike 12 and beginning of fireworks. Other activities include 3 hours parade with marching bands, the concerts, costumed dancers, colorful floats and also the procession of Queen’s horses.

Korea: The New Year Korea also called Seollal includes a number of traditional activities. Moon house lightning is one of the main events. Besides, there is traditional dressing, family gatherings, concerts, entertainments, special New Year food arrangements. Besides, there are traditional games played on New Year’s Eve.

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