The Festivities of Christmas – Merry Christmas

merry christmas

The Festivities of Christmas - Merry Christmas

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25 December 2017

Merry Christmas is the last event before the New Year celebrated all over the world among Christians. Read Below the detailed article about the celebration, meal, gifts and the happiness of Christmas.

What is Christmas?

Merry ChristmasChristmas is one of the most celebrated event or festival all around the world. It is in the commemoration of the Birthday of Jesus Christ who is considered to be the son Of the God according to Christians. It is observed billions and millions of Christians every year. Merry Christmas does not only represent the religious activities but also the cultural norms of an area. It is a public holiday on Christmas and in most of the countries, the celebrations last for 8 to 12 days. Christmas holidays are observed religiously as well as traditionally by everyone whether they are Christians or not.


The Word Christmas:

The word Christmas is derived from an English word Cristmasse. It is made up of two words, Christ derived from ancient Greek that means anointed and Messiah originated from Hebrew which means “something that is sent”. Both the words mean more or less the same in different languages

It is also said that the meaning of the word Christmas has been taken from the word Christ’s mass of Christian mass that commemorates the death and rebirth of Jesus for Christians.


The History of Christmas:

The origins of Christmas dates back to 336 when it was first celebrated in Rome on 25th of December by Emperor Constantine who was the first Christian emperor.

Although it was banned later in and there were periods of celebrations followed by complete restriction of any activity. However, it was completely revived in the year 1660 after which a public holiday was announced and celebrations were observed.

When is Christmas celebrated?

Merry ChristmasThe celebrations of Christmas are observed on 25th December every year according to the Gregorian calendar that was put forth in 1582 and modified in 1752. However, the exact date and month of the birth of Jesus are unknown as nothing has been mentioned in the bible. The western Christian church celebrated Christmas for the first time on 25th December in the mid-fourth century. Although there was a controversy in Gregorian and Julian calendar that which day is Christmas celebrated, it was mutually decided that the arguments on the date of celebration are not the primary purpose of this holy day. However, some countries that follow Julian calendar also makes the great Christmas feast on January 7th according to the difference of 14 days in Gregorian and Julian calendar.

According to Christian traditions, Mary, the mother of Jesus was told about the Annunciation on 25th of March according to which the birth date came to be 25tth December. Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year with late sunrise and early sunset is also related to Christmas date as it happens in December as well.

So all over the world either East or West, Merry Christmas is celebrated on 25th December as a festival commemorating the Birth of Jesus.

How is Christmas celebrated?

The celebrations of Christmas are not only religious but also contain the colours of different cultures from different eras. Even the pre-Christian time has a great contribution to the customs of Christmas celebrations. Even Christmas cd and videos are also available for Christmas ideas. The main customs followed all around the world include:

Christmas Eve:

The day and night before the Christmas constitute the Christmas Eve. It is the day anticipating the main Christmas day and is observed with great festivity and celebrations. From the sunset of Christmas Eve, church bells are being ringed and prayers are held to welcome the Christmas.

Midnight mass I the celebration of Christmas Eve at midnight supporting the idea that Jesus was born at night. Gifts giving and decoration of Christmas tree start on Christmas Eve. People gather with their families and special religious prayers are observed.

The public holiday:

On this auspicious day, a public holiday is celebrated all around the world by the non-Christian community as well.

Church services:

Church services are usually offered on Merry Christmas Eve especially at midnight throughout the world. This is done in the commemoration of the birth of Jesus. Churches are decorated and visited by people to offer thanks to God. Also, many church services are arranged on Christmas day.

The gift exchanging:

Merry ChristmasChristmas brings the idea of gift giving and gifts receiving. Indeed it is among the core of the festival and no Christmas can be enjoyed if not for gif exchange. It is one of the oldest traditions of Christmas memorizing the gift giving to the Baby Jesus on His birth. The tradition of gift giving starts in Roman times that followed the Biblical verses regarding them since then it has become a must tradition to give gifts on Christmas. Besides the good and happiness it brings, also there is a lot of profit to the economy of the country when everyone buys gifts for one another.

The Santa Clause:

Christmas is not completed without Santa Clause. The other names for Santa Clause are Father Christmas, The Christ kind, Saint Nicholas, Kris Cringle, and much more depending on the different regions and different languages.

This joy and full of happiness figure belongs to the Western culture and is the most awaited person on Christmas Eve by children. All the kids start waiting for him from Christmas Eve to the Christmas day. The major reason behind this is him bring Christmas gifts, Christmas cakes, Christmas cards and much more for the children. The man is dressed in red with white fur, leather Christmas shoes, a large white beard and red large cap and is wearing spectacles at the time. However red is the hallmark.

Christmas Santa clause as the gift giver is known since fourth centuries from Greek times. It is a well-known story that Santa makes a list of all the children from all around the world and brings all of them gifts in his big bag which is full of gifts. In some countries, it is a tradition that Santa will come from the chimney of the house so children keep in staring on chimneys. Similarly, it is a tradition that children give him a glass of cup and a plate of cookies as gratitude. Now the Santa Clause appears in shopping malls and other public places weeks before Christmas to spread cheerfulness among the children

The Christmas decorations:

Christmas and decorations go side by side. The tradition of Christmas decoration started a long time ago in the fifteenth century and followed until now with certain modifications.  It was a ritual to decorate every house since then. Malls, public places, retardants, streets, houses, shops etc are decorated weeks before Christmas to welcome it. The main decorating agent used are ivy Holm, bays holly etc. Holly is a plant mainly a shrub with red berries on it that represents the crown of thrown Jesus wore. Christingle lights and banners and Christmas photos are used, loud music is played and Christmas tree is placed on every street.

Most of the decorations are done with red golden and green colours which are the colours of Christmas. Each colour symbolizes something; red for the blood of Jesus, green for the eternal life and golden is for royalty.

The display of Christmas candle and Christmas wreath are among the favourite decorations and also represent the culture. Christmas wreaths are decorations made up of leaves from evergreen plants, flower, fruits and certain twigs which are all arranged in a concentric pattern to resemble a bell. These are mainly used for Christmas season. Also, Merry Christmas candles are lightened in the windows of houses showing that birth of Jesus is the light of the world. Many Christmas decoration ideas can be obtained from the internet if you want a unique decoration or traditional decoration and also Christmas information and everything about Christmas art can be found.

The Christmas tree:

Merry ChristmasThe tradition of having and decorating a Christmas tree times back to Pagan era and this was used to be done on Winter Solstice owing to the tree worship ritual of Pagans. The Oak tree was usually used then, symbolizing the Trinity. However, the term Merry Christmas tree came into being in the early 18th century mentioned in celebration of Christmas in Germany by Queen Charlotte. After that, the idea spread and followed throughout the world by Christians. It was a tradition to decorate the trees with red roses, fruits like apples, sweet meat and much more.

The main plants used are the evergreen plants like holy, Christmas cactus, mistletoe and red amaryllis. This is usually kept in the home or outside and set up on chrisms eve and not before that. It is not removed until fifth January, i.e. the Twelfth night to avoid bad luck in the upcoming year.

The decoration of the tree is done with Christmas ornaments, like that made of glass, ceramics, wood etc. Golden star, red apple silver based tinsels, baubles, Christmas lights, tree topper like Christmas angels, candies, Christmas balls etc are among the most commonly used Christmas decorations.

Twelve days of Christmas:

The twelve days of Christmas includes the whole Christmas season from the first day of Christmas till fifth of January. It is also called Twelvetide or christaminde. It indicated the celebrations of the Nativity of Jesus or Birth of Jesus.

The Christmas day: The 25th of December is considered to be the Christmas day preceded by Christmas Eve. It is one of the most celebrated days, with the festivities of Christmas all around the world. The main Merry Christmas celebrations are done on this day including family gatherings, arranging Christmas meals, the gifts giving, and arrangement of parties, Christmas songs singing and much more. It is one of the days when churches are most visited, special prayers are offered to Thank God for bringing Jesus into the world. Decorations are done and hangouts are arranged to enjoy the festivity of Christmas day.

The Christmas songs:

Christmas songs are being played in the streets, malls, shopping places, restaurants etc to welcome the Christmas. The earliest Christmas song belongs to the fourth century in Romans tines called Christmas hymn. Later on Christmas pros, sequels and latest the Christmas carols were introduced. Now there are hundreds of Christmas songs with modifications according to the modern music world.

In schools and colleges, children are given special classes for Christmas poems and songs to be sung on Christmas day.

Merry ChristmasThe Christmas meal:

The arrangement of a grand Merry Christmas family meal is done on the Christmas day which is a must part of Christmas celebrations. Food is cooked according to the traditions of the country and special desserts are served like Christmas pudding, Christmas cakes, fruit cakes, rum cake, eggnog etc.

The Christmas cards and Christmas greetings:

The exchange of Christmas cards is considered an act of spreading the love. You can find a number of Christmas cards and Christmas ecards for the year 2018. Also, there are cards connected with New Year messages along with beautiful Christmas messages to send to your loved ones. Merry Christmas cards can also be made on orders online as per your desire with Christmas images, Christian’s Christmas cards and many other ideas.

The Christmas Market:

The Christmas Market or Christ kind market in one of the most famous traditions associated with Christmas celebrations. Its origin belongs to the celebration of Christmas in Germany where a large street market for Christmas was arranged for the first time. It starts from the time of Advent season, around 4 weeks before the Christmas. There are many stalls with attractive Christmas items and Christmas collectables that attract millions of people from all around the world.

Merry Christmas in the year 2018:

What day is Merry Christmas on this year? According to the Gregorian calendar, it is going to be on Tuesday 25th December 2018 and the Christmas Eve is on 24th December 2018. This is going to be a public holiday. However, according to Julian calendar, it is going to be held on 5th January 2019.

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