Privacy Policy

TechMag is operating many other websites. Meanwhile, the policy of TechMag is to provide respects and privacy regarding information at the time of operating website.

Website visitor:

TechMag collects different information that is identifying non-personally for the sort of serves and browsers, typically available for language preference, browser type, time and date or referring site.

Gathering all personal identifications:

To interact with the ways of TechMag, personal identifications are gathered generally. The type and amount depend on the nature of interacting, for instance, we provide an email address and username while signing up in

Aggregated Statistics policies:

About the behavior of the visitor, the TechMag are collecting aggregated statistics for displaying information. Meanwhile, it may be possible that TechMag can display the visitor information through publically, also provide it to others.

Protection of Certain Personally-Identifying Information:

TechMag may disclose personal information to identify only for contractors, employees and affiliated organizations that want to know the information process, on the behalf of service, so it doesn’t disclose to others.


Information which is easy to store string information on a visitor’s computer and every time the visitor returns on this website the visitor browsers provide basic information.

Business Transfers:

If TechMag acquired all of its assets then the website enter into the bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the user information is also same as assets; you can acquire and transferred to the third party if required.


Advertising partner is delivered the Ads that are appearing on any website, who set the cookies option. Also, these cookies are allowing Adserver to recognize their computer, every time the online advertisement compiles the information.

Privacy Policy Changes:

Minor changes are required from time to time and if possible then TechMag may be changed its privacy policy just to encourage visitors, so they frequently visit on the page.

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