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03 Jan 2018

Amazing Revolution of Motorized Bicycle

A bicycle with a motor attached using power to help the vehicles or to help with pedaling is known as the motorized bicycle. It maintains both pedals and a distinct connected drive for powered propulsion, the bicycle with a motor, practically a bicycle in true terms, except that it is power driven. However, for governmental licensing and registration requirements, these vehicles can be legally defined as a motorcycle, separate class of hybrid vehicle, motor vehicle etc. The motorized bicycle has formed the template for what would later become the motorcycle, which is powered by a number of engines type.

The design and use

The design of the motorized bicycle differs according to the need and use. There are some bicycles which are strong enough to be self-propelled, which means there is no need for the pedals. Many of the bicycles are made on general bicycle standards, frame designs, and technologies.  The moped is an advancement in the motorized bicycle. It uses only a rudimentary pedal to fulfill legitimate requirements and well suited for emergency times. These motor driven bicycles have utilized a variety of engines, starting from internal combustion (IC) to electric, diesel and steam propulsion.

The prior motorized bicycles were regular bicycles attached to a motor and transmission to help normal pedal propulsion, and this is what predominantly discriminates the motorized bicycle from a moped or motorcycle

A dual-purpose propulsion system seemed particularly advantageous when transmission designs and gasoline engines were in their early stages, and power-to-weight ratios were comparatively low. As time passed, there was a replacement of pedal propulsion by gasoline engine of two or four-strokes. In regions where vehicles or fuel are excessively expensive, the motor-assisted bicycle has gained immense popularity as a cardinal mode of transportation.

The design of motorized bicycle is such that tons of energy is packed into a small motor, and allows a bicycle to ascend or descend from hills easily and quickly. Another advantage of these powerful, strong and small motors is the large acceleration they yield. This gives the benefit of more secure and safe tour in and around the traffic of other motorized street vehicles.

Available bicycles:

  • Phantom Vision
  • Phantom Swirl
  • Phantom R
  • Fat track
  • Bantam
  • Ghost 26
  • Ghost Classic

Specializations of a Motorized Bicycle

1. Hills and Inclination? Now not a problem!

Generally, hills and inclined slopes are considered a nightmare for cyclists. If you have started your journey on a cycle through a hill you’ll probably make a stop for taking out a breath whilst you are on the top. Climbing up the hill and coming down both are tough for the cyclists. This problem could be solved if you were having a motorized bicycles.

2. Are you tired? Try this

Sometimes cycling makes you very tired despite the fact that it is not a tiresome activity it will drain you. For this problem, you can use a bike with a motor. This motor will help you greatly as you don’t need to put in more effort as you do so in general pedalling.

3. More Economical than a car

If you live in a city it is difficult for you to own and maintain a car. Even if you run your car on gas, it will get expensive for you to meet its requirements. A car full of gas will cost you around thousand or more per year. Not only this, you also need to have registration and licensing, even the parking charges are also considered. It might cost you a lot if you consider the maintenance and repairs charges. Whereas, maintaining and repairing a bike will cost you very little and when it can be done with general household materials and few other cheap additions like a pump, tyre etc. The average family in the USA is estimated to spend about 1.5% of their annual income on the maintenance of cars. The routine repairing of a car can cost around £100, plus hundreds of pounds more if there is any serious issue in the car. Contrary to this bike repairing is relatively cheaper. Even if you need to repair the motor of the bicycle it still cheaper than the replacement of the engine of a car. It may costs you around £50 including the labour for a bicycle maintenance.

4. More Secure than a car

Nowadays one of the top 10 causes of death in the world is car accidents. The number of people who die every day in a car accident is increasing rapidly. Though motorized bicycle has the same safety benefits as a car, except for a motor that helps you. It can also assist in safety and protection; the majority of accidents between cyclists and motorists occur at a point of intersections. Having the ability to get up to speed faster may help lessen the accident risk.

5. Fuel Effective

If you talk specifically about motorized bikes having internal combustion engine fitted, this does not take fuel to run. Comparing the efficiencies of both car and bicycle, the latter produces a fraction of carbon dioxide. There is a huge difference in the fuel consumption of car and of a bicycle with a motor.

Basic Safety Tips

The four basic bicycling tips:

  • Retain your control.
  • Protect your head from being injured by wearing a helmet.
  • Remain alert and visible by using hand signals and proper eye contact.
  • While in traffic, ride in a safe and secured lane position.

Future of Motorized Bicycles

Research indicates that motorized bikes would be a great source of transit source in future. As the awareness about the clean sources of energy has been growing it is thought that in future motorized bikes can be used in many other certain ways to stop environmental degradation, for example, vehicular traffic in cities can be put to minimal to control the level of air pollution in metropolitans around the globes. Schools going children have been using the motorized bicycles for quite some time with excellent result. With the increased technology and better battery power in future, this is very certain that motorized bikes be used extensively for other needs of urban mobility and be preferred over traditional and unclean sources of transportation.

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