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23 Jan 2018

The Most Popular Argumentative Essay Topics in 2018 That Will Put Up a Good Match

Before we get to some of the most popular Argumentative Essay Topics, we need to understand exactly what an argumentative essay really is?

Now then, you probably have written a lot of essays, attended quite a lot of English classes and now have become a bit experienced in writing an essay on a topic which your professor gives you. But, the real deal comes when you have to find the topic of the article on your own, nothing comes to mind except a blank sheet of paper in your head. The problem is not that the topics are hard to find or there aren’t any topics that are worth getting “argumentative” about. The problem only arises when you start to think more than you have to.

The simplest trick to it all is to take the much easier approach and look for a topic that really makes you want to write a novel on, that really boils your blood and really gets you thinking. Do not worry about it being cliché, overdone, or just not good enough as long as you are passionate about it, and also one that makes anyone in the room stand up and debate as if they are a lawyer in a courtroom about to lose their case.

Why should you pick argumentative essay topics that are debatable?

In order to write an argumentative essay, the first thing that should come to your mind is if the topic you choose can be countered with another argument. That is the whole point, the more points there are, the more the article gets to be debatable.

Writing an essay on something that people wholeheartedly agree on is very easy to write, as there would be fewer counter-arguments to go along with it. For example:

Is Pizza tasty?”

Now that is not a topic that can be debated, everyone knows Pizza is tasty. This is an example that could be called it’s “black” on a scale of “black and white”, while black, in this case, means “yes”, vice versa, but in argumentative essays, you need to pick a topic that falls into the “gray” area.

Some of the topics that fall into the “gray” area on a black and white scale are the following.

Argumentative essay topics related to the legal system

The kind of essay that is related to the legal system in which there can be a choice made that could be popular, this type of essay is called a persuasive essay. There is less need to do extreme research as the whole point of it is to persuade the reader.

In a persuasive essay, your main goal is to convince your reader that what you have written is the absolute truth. Some of the persuasive essay examples are the following:

  • Should there be a sentence of life in prison for juveniles?
  • Should women have a right to abortions, if so, then when?
  • At what age should girls have the right to take birth control pills with the consent of their parents?
  • While driving, should all phones be banned?
  • Regardless of the benefits of marijuana, should it be made legal?
  • Should nuclear weapons be outlawed or not worldwide?
  • Should more restrictions be made as far as gun usage and ownership is concerned in the world?
  • Do black markets exist because unwanted restrictions on controlled substances exist?
  • Should murderers be hanged to death?
  • Should tax be put on every single commodity or service?

There are many other persuasive essay examples but these are the most popular ones. For more, read this.

Argumentative essay topics related to morality

Essays that are related to morality are very easy to write, one can write on anything in which they have a personal opinion on. The topics can range from animal testing essay to abortion essay.

Topics concerning people are mostly very debatable as everyone is different and has different core beliefs, the more beliefs there are the more morally deep the arguments can be made. For example, if a class of 20 students writes an abortion essay on “Whether abortions should be legal or not” many will say black and many will say white, basically many students will say “yes” and “no” since every student is different having different religious, cultural backgrounds.

In an argumentative essay, especially one that has topics related to morality, you should write about something that you are extremely passionate about.

Some of the topics are the following:

  • Is it necessary to do testing on animals?
  • Do people who are permanently sick have a right to pass away with the process of physician-assisted suicide?
  • Should items be bought from countries that support child labor?
  • Are atheists bad for a state that is found upon religious ideology?
  • Is having an abortion similar to killing another human being?
  • Should teenagers be allowed to date?
  • Should cosmetic surgery be used by teenagers?
  • Should all humans be vegans?
  • Does freedom of speech give rise to the use of hate speech?
  • Should cameras be placed in public places?
  • Should the state pay for abortions or not?

Read More:

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Argumentative essay topics related to advertisement and media

Advertising and media are two parts of the same coin. They go hand in hand and have been inseparable ever since they dawned on mankind. Various perspectives can be added in these kinds of essays.

For example, one could look at the advantages and disadvantages of advertisement and media on society as a whole, how to makes us behave or how to sometimes think for us more than we can for ourselves, or how if it is a tool that brainwashed society or not. The black and white examples that lead to gray areas in the topics related to advertising and media are numerous.

These are some of the following examples of essay topics related to advertisement and media:

  • Should sex-related acts be shown on televisions?
  • Should news channels talk about actors and celebs?
  • Should extreme violence on the TV be shown?
  • Should educational institutions have ads?
  • Ever since the dawn of the internet, is print advertising dying?
  • Should diversity be forced by TV dramas and movies?
  • Should late night shows be about politics?
  • Do media and ads promote depression in people?
  • Is our self-esteem affected by highly edited images of models and actors?
  • Are reality TV shows responsible for the dumbing down of society?
  • Does media give women unrealistic beauty standards?

These were some of the most popular topics, there are more, but these should be enough to give you some help on your debates or your essays.

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