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22 Sep 2017

Making most of the Money, The Top Grossing Apps

What are “Top Grossing Apps”?

Since the progress in the world of Android and smartphones, more and more apps are being used every day. You may wonder what this term “top grossing apps” mean? It basically covers the list of those apps that produce the greatest avenues concerning a specific category. The mechanism is however unknown to a layman. It is devised that there is a usage of some algorithm that favors those revenues which are recent, putting behind the old ones. Hence the top grossing apps include the highest quality apps regardless of the amount needed to be paid to buy these from an app store. It indicates the list of those apps that have the highest money spent (the price at which these are sold and all in-app purchases revenues).

Other Related Terms:

People usually confuse the term top grossing to top paid or top-ranking apps. However, there is quite a difference.

Top ranking apps include those apps which are recently downloaded. Every app has its own list of top ranking apps.

Top paid ranking include the list of those apps which are the most downloaded apps and are paid. Without any doubt, the most downloaded paid apps are the cheaper one. Ultimately these get the highest ranking as well.

Another term, top free apps include the apps most downloaded and are free of cost.

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Few Top Grossing Apps:

There are certain app intelligence platforms working to help the app store to make money. Different tactics are required to bring an app to the list of top grossing apps.

Here are some of the apps in the list of top grossing, of the year; you may be familiar with many of those.

Clash of Clans is an android app and among the highest ranks making the most of the money in the recent years.

Game of War is another app available on the app store that has caught the attention of many Android users.

Spotify music provides online streaming of the music and is gaining a lot of popularity owing to its huge list of songs.

Mobile Strike is another iOS app making its way to the top grossing apps in the world of the app store.

Unexpectedly, Candy Crush Saga is also among the list of these apps and is doing good business with its simple and colourful strategies making it to the top.

Different app stores can provide you different apps like Google app store for Android and Apple store for iPhones. Other apps in the top grossing list include:

  • Summoners war
  • Tinder
  • 8 ball pool
  • Boom beach
  • Marvel contest of champions

Many of these apps are also among the most downloaded apps of the year, hence not only doing great business but also maintaining popularity.

There are other best-selling apps available that can be used to promote your business locally as well as internationally. Among these Letgo, eBay, Decluttr, facebook, Trove market etc. are included.

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