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28 Sep 2017

Top Ten Technology Blogs You Need to Read Daily

Technology is becoming advanced day by day. As you get up in the morning, before going out of bed you want to know about the latest news. You go through different news sites, technology blogs, entertainment and celebrity blogs and whatever blog that might take you by interest. All this indicates that how much difficult it is to imagine life without blogging or blogs which are a definite source to stay updated. In this article, TechMAG is mentioning a few of the best technology blogs that you might be already following.

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  • TechCrunch:

New in the field, but same influential, TechCrunch has made its way to the top technology sites which is visited by nearly every technology blogger daily. It has gained the position of second largest tech blogs and has several branches due to the tech crunch it offers. Indeed it is a must-visit site for daily tech updates.

  • The Next Web:

On daily basis, tech news is delivered by The Next Web making it a great source to find latest trends in the technology world.

  • Wired:

Loved by all, Wired is one of the platforms for quality tech news not everyone publishes. Indeed it brings a change to your opinions with its strong impact.

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  • Mashable:

One of the most amusing sites in technology blogs list that is considered to be a social media guide is Mashable. The most impressive feature is its regular and constant updates, which is why it is title as king of the tech blogs. It covers all the news and views of the world and gathers these at one platform in a real entertaining way.

  • The Verge:

The Verger is indeed one of the best news sites regarding what is new in technology. It doesn’t only put forth the news but also guides you in this regard.

  • Engadget:

For those who are interested in gadgets, Engadget is for them. Whatever is new and latest in the world of gadgets, it is completely analyzed by Engadget and is reviewed thoroughly.

  • Gizmodo:

Another must follow site for all times, Gizmodo, also known as TMZ. It provides you with the latest hundreds of posts you need to know on daily basis. Also, the comments and reviewing session is entertaining.

  • Spider’s web:

Another tech blog site that has made it to the top list is Spider’s Web. It aims at providing opinions and analysis about technology in demand and focuses on practical approaches as well as tech stats.

  • ZDNet:

ZDNet previously known as Ziffnet, it is indeed one of the oldest technology blogs that are still among the favourites. It has been working for more than 20 years and provides detailed product reviews and analyses nearly every technology issue.

  • GigaOM:

One of the largest and most popular blog sites is none other than GigaOM. The main admiring thing about this site is its focus on the new thing happening all around. This is what makes it unique.

You can find news and expert analysis on one of this technology blogs by just writing the name.

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