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29 Sep 2017

Types of Social Media, Beneficial for Marketing

Social media are one of the biggest advancement in technology that helps you to not only create but share and express whatever is of your interest. It can be an idea or creation that can be accessed using your laptop, personal computers, smartphones etc. Different types of social media are used by most of us every day. Besides the entertainment part, social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, messenger and much more but there is much more to it. Besides the entertainment provided by these social media site, you can also look into other ways and means through which sites like Facebook are beneficial for you.

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 Types of Social Media Networks:

There are several varieties of social media platforms that serve different purposes. Some broad types of social media include:

  • Social networks
  • Discussion platforms
  • Media sharing networks
  • Blogging and publishing network
  • Content curation network
  • Sharing economy networks
  • Social shopping platforms

Marketing Using Social Media:

There are several types of marketing strategies, used to promote your business. One of them is online marketing. Online marketing is one of the easiest ways when you are targeting a large population to view your products. We are here mentioning only the social media marketing and giving a brief idea of how social media can profit your business.

Social media like facebook youtube, Twitter etc. can be used to share any type of content. Not only this, you can also get a direct and immediate response from your viewers helping you to know details about your strategies, products you are marketing. Also, you can discuss by making communities with your concerned public that may be local or international.

Social media networks are beneficial for marketing purposes, of which some are listed below:

  • Facebook is the social network can be used to post what is in your mind in the form of pictures, videos, statements, and links.
  • Youtube is a video sharing platform on which you can share videos related to your business and get the response.
  • Instagram is a social media network used to share pictures that can be used for marketing.
  • Twitter is one such platform where you can get connected at any instant to anyone making it a potential marketing place.
  • Snapchat, being a photo-sharing social media, possess a higher marketing power used by international brands.
  • Pinterest is a unique platform that requires creativity for marketing purposes. You can make your board that can help you to promote your business by displaying what you have.
  • Yelp is used for location-based marketing that is mainly used for the local business like shopping centers, departmental stores, restaurants etc.

Other Ttypes of Networks Used for Business

  • Communities and discussion sites: Such forums include Quora, Reddit, Yahoo! Answers etc. where you can put forth a question-answer session. A satisfactory discussion can lead to bringing your business to another level
  • Social blogging sites: Such sites help you publish, that spreads to all over the world. These include Tumblr, Medium etc.

Social media sites are one of the most popular means that every marketer should utilize. However, there are certain things need to be understood while using types of social media as some platforms are more beneficial than the others.

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